Headshot of Dr. Yesh Cohen

Isaiah Cohen, in his role as an education sociologist, was the instructor of record for SOC 100 (Introduction to Sociology), SOC 392 (Sociology of Gaming), and SOC 402 (Social Deviance). He had students in the SOC 100 and SOC 402 courses address questions about how and why society is organized as it is, how our life courses are shaped by social forces, and how aspects of our lives and statuses structure our experiences. His SOC 392 class investigated the impact of gaming on our society–in particular the growing influence gaming exerts on our everyday lives via gamification. Dr. Cohen designed each of the three courses to emphasize Universal Design for Learning principles, with the latter course (SOC 402) also utilizing an Ungrading assessment format.

Chris Adamson was the instructor of record for UHON 390 (Honors Seminar—The Gesture of Smoking: Analyzing Culture through Depictions of Tobacco) and ENG 2040 (Introduction to Digital Humanities) and designed both courses to promote public-facing assignments and research sharing by students.

Headshot of Chris Adamson in a blue suit.

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